About Us

Healthcare professionals to the rescue!


Training students since 1999, High-Quality CPR’s mission is to educate professional rescuers and the lay public on how to prevent medical emergencies and prepare rescuers how to act and respond to all medical emergencies should they occur. In the United States, we can facing epidemics of medical emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, and cardiac arrest. It is our passion to fight these epidemics. Our founder founded High Quality CPR after witnessing the catastrophic effects of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes after being a primary caregiver for her beloved Grandmother (who eventually succumbed to cardiac arrest) and seeing the impact of these ailments from others in her community. She furthermore became an healthcare provider and she continues to serve her community today. Her educational background includes a BS in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and she is currently in a double major doctorate degree program in Educational Psychology and Juris Doctorate with a minor in private investigation. She also speaks Spanish and holds licenses and certifications in 7 other trades!

Every year, over 350,000 Americans die due from cardiac arrest, and complications from heart attack and stroke. We want this to STOP and it starts with knowledge, prevention, and preparation. Did you know that with simple lifestyle changes, anyone can greatly decrease their risk of have a heart attack, stroke, or sudden cardiac arrest? In addition, someone who suffers from Cardiac Arrest only has 4 minutes before vital organs shut down.

We promote prevention first and we prepare our students to respond to emergencies with High Quality. We offer certifications from The American Heart Association. We give effective and fun instruction with the student in mind,not the teacher. We understand that every student learns differently, that’s why we teach with your learning style in mind. Whether you learn visually, aurally,verbally, or physically, we promise the best form of instruction for you.

Research shows that each learning style activates different parts of the brain, by involving more regions of the brain when learning, you learn and retain more information. In addition, our instructors are highly qualified, many of whom teach on the college level and our classes are fun! Not hard to comprehend or boring. We promise your class will be one of the best classes you’ve ever taken.